My morning routine

When I am working, I am studying. Currently, I am studying on Udemy and LinkedIn Learning. I have completed several courses with these platforms. I am enrolled in three courses and am working my way through them slowly. I like to take notes as I listen and put them into a folder, divided by each course.

Yoga course.
Success and happiness course.

Sometimes, I break up my study time with You Tube. I am involved in the True Crime online community and enjoy following content creaters investigating recent crimes. My favourite creater is “The Armchair Detective.”

Armchair Detective “Chris Watts” case

I like to follow True Crime for the psychological profiling. I learn so much about the human psyche and how the mind works by studying criminals and their behaviour.

I also attend online groups on Zoom. I have my Mindfulness Meditation Group on Wednesday mornings. I get people from all over the world joining in and enjoy “opening doors” for people. I love to hear their stories of how they have insights and realisations bubble up from the depths of their subconscious and positively impact their lives. On Tusdays, Thursdays and Fridays I attend psychology/health groups run through a local Australian organisation. I have been attending these groups for close to two years. On Monday and Saturday, Sunday I attend “Table Talk“, a Facebook Yoga Philosophy group run by Swami J. We study the Yoga Sutras and other related Yoga topics. We are finishing up Table Talk #12 for the year and will be starting up to Table Talk #13 on 1st of January 2021. If you are interested in Yoga Philosophy, I highly recommend the group. You just need to send a member request through to Swami J and you will be added to the Facebook group and get access to the Zoom login link. Just for your information: each link is only ever valid for 6 months; #13 until 30th June 2021. You would have to join the next group (which would be #14) On 1st July 2021 to receive the new link. It’s just how Swami J keeps the inactive members out of the group and the active ones engaged.

As you can see, I am quite busy from 7.30am to 5.00pm. I stop for Yoga Nidra at 12.00 noon, followed by lunch. I practice mindful breathing at random moments throughout the day.

After 3.00pm, when my son comes home from school, I take a short break to be with him. At 4.00pm my husband arrives home and we have dinner together. I follow with doing the dishes and my nighttime chores. I have a 60 minute walk on my treadmill, have a second shower and change into my pyjamas. I am finished by 6.30pm. My day is over. I wish my family a good night, my husband takes care of our son and I head upstairs.

I write again in my daily journal. I have a series of questions that act as prompts to my writing. I then tidy up all of the day’s notes; I reflect on them, add any additional material, review my to-do list from the day to see what didn’t get completed and file them away in my folder. I lay out tomorrow’s clothes. I finish with a short guided meditation.

My nighttime routine is carried out mindfully; mindful teeth brushing, face washing and a mindful walk to my bedroom.

There, I pick up my copies of “The Yoga Sutras” by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and another by Swami J. I sit up in bed, reading a few sutras and their commentaries. When I’m done, I pick a guided relaxation/hyonosis track on my iPod and listen to it as I fall asleep. I have a night light and an essential oil diffuser running all night. I like to diffuse lavender, cedarwood, sandalwood, marjoram, orange and vetiver scents. My favourite scents are Doterra’s Lavender Peace and Peace.

It’s lights out at 7.30pm. My cat sleeps on my bed. I call her and she comes in, jumps onto the bed, head buts me and curls up at the foot of the bed and settles in for the night.

Over 3000 movie collection.

Sometimes, I take a break on Sundays. I do my grocery shopping and my meal prep for the week. I may visit some one, call my mother who lives in Portugal. I spend time with my family. We watch a movie together. My husband has set up our loungeroom as a home theatre, with a large screen TV and pull down screen for his projector. We have over 3000 movies in our collection; a Blu-ray, VHS, record player and a projector, a sub woofer and surround sound speakers. Shutters on the windows to block out light and darken the room along with a large seater lounge to seat a large number of viewers. Movie posters on the walls, air conditioning and a ceiling fan.

I enjoy the rhythm of my day. There is a soothing quality to it. I would live to hear how others go through their sadhana. Feel free to leave me a comment below or write to me privately at I would be happy to answer your questions about anything to do with my practice or to help you with yours. I am an open book!

Thank you for joining me on this journey to freedom.

Love, light and blessings to you all.

OM shanti, shanti, shanti.


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